Wie sehen Groupie-Momente aus Sicht der Künstler*innen aus?

Wie sehen Groupie-Momente aus Sicht der Künstler*innen aus?

Wir haben mal bei den egoMusiker*innen nachgefragt

Bist du schon mal für ein Konzert weit gereist oder hast am Backstage Bereich auf die Band gewartet? Groupie-Momente hatte doch wahrscheinlich schon mal jede*r von uns - aber wie sehen diese Momente eigentlich aus Sicht der Musiker*innen aus?

Schon verrückt, was wir nicht so alles für diesen einen Moment mit unseren Idols tun würden. Wir haben uns gefragt, welche Groupie-Momente unsere egoKünstler*innen schon erlebt haben



"Ich hab schon früher sehr viel gespielt, hab ja Rap-Alben gemacht bevor die Welt sich für mich interessiert hat und dann waren wir plötzlich bekannt. Konzerte waren ausverkauft aber wir haben noch in ganz kleinen Clubs gespielt und da standen in der ersten Reihe Mädchen, die haben mir die Schuhe ausgezogen und geklaut haben und ich hab's nicht mitbekommen. Das war das erste was mir je passiert ist, was so in Richtung Fan-Kult ging. Ich war gleichermaßen erstaunt, verwirrt und total geschmeichelt."


"I definitely had weird moments. I’ve had people say strange things to me. I don’t know what they are talking about. A woman in Kansas waited for three hours to talk to me and instead of saying 'hi' to me she asked: 'Have you ever eaten so many Oreos that you shit black?'"


"We had this old guy in Hamburg who waited outside of our bus with lots of photos [that we had to sign]. So we just think: 'I am gonna check eBay later and buy them back of him.' That was a bit weird."


"Wir haben nicht so viele Groupies. Es gibt Groupies und es gibt Groupies, die sind halt super geil, zum Beispiel diese Anna-Isabella, die immer aus Polen ankommt und uns immer Präsente mitbringt. Die hat uns in Berlin die heftigsten Becher geschenkt, die du dir vorstellen kannst... Das sind so Krüge wo auf einem Marshmallow-Hintergrund in einer Candy Schrift jeweils unsere Namen drauf stehen."

Bear's Dean

"We got in a car chasing... people thought we are Mumford & Sons. But they wouldn’t leave us alone, they were like chasing the van and shouted out of the window: 'Are you who we think you are?' And we’re like: 'No we're not.' But they kept following us and we managed to lose them."


"Seit Neuestem machen Fans auch Fahnen und Schilder. Oft steht da einfach nur das Wort 'Randale' drauf aber manchmal sieht man auch ganz süße Botschaften."

Mac Demarco

"I've had a weird experience in Zagreb. There was a kid who said: 'You're 26 but you look like 44.' I had pretty bad digestion that day and I farted right in his face but then he continued and I farted in his face twice.

Maximo Park

"When we were in San Francisco, a Lady took her clothes off and started to dance in the crowd. I was trying not to look because I wanted to be a gentleman but I had to concentrate very hard to remember everything."

Oh Wonder

"We met an amazing girl in Ireland and we were chatting with her and she said her house burned down because somebody set it on fire. And she told us that one in ten houses in America is burned down either accidentally or through someone setting it on fire. It’s crazy I don’t really think about what it would mean to loose your home when you're 11 years old. It's crazy and she said this makes her stronger."


"When I was going to shows as a teenager I thought the people on the stage couldn’t see me. But the truth is: You see everything that’s happening. If someone is crying, if someone is yawning, so you don't realize how much you can change a show.
One night there was a guy  towards the end of the set that shouted: 'Play Lasso!' So the only thing I can think of is: Even if he came late and didn’t hear the first one or loves it so much that he wants to hear it again. So that’s the point of playing live shows, it’s not the same every night."


"The worst thing is the more people that you reach, the more weird people can get. One person started talking to me about the fact that their son took his own life because my name is SOHN as well. But there is no way to interact with that, you just have to step back because a lot of the time when you’re doing anything that is so in public and reaches out to people what music can do, some people totally take that out of context and think that you personally have a very strong connection to them, even if we never had spoken but somehow through the music they like: 'Yes you know me inside out' – and those are the scary moments sometimes."


"One time we met a young man at this really small festival in Austria. It was one of these festivals that all the kids get drunk for the first time. Somehow we ended up with one of these kids on the bus and taking him to Vienna and we had to call his parents and tell them he was safe and that we get him to his small town in Austria."

 Twenty One Pilots

"Usually it’s more like a formal Meet & Greet thing. When we started we played in small clubs and bars. After the show we go out and we could have a conversation with almost everybody which stuck around and sometimes we go to dinner. Now it’s a little bit different for us because there are more kids who stay after the show with us but it makes things a little bit less personal because it's impossible to sit down and drink coffee with hundreds of people."

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